Protecting our environment

For Steuler, responsibility means that we not only consider economic factors in our corporate strategy, but keep our employees, the welfare of society and the environment in mind at all times too.

For us, actively practicing responsibility in terms of corporate social responsibility means doing business in a responsible and sustainable manner within a forward-looking company – and we’ve been doing that for over 100 years.

As a diversified group of companies, Steuler offers innovative product solutions to customers around the world that help ensure their commercial success and make a positive contribution to sustainable global development.

The foundation for this is provided by a corporate management focused on responsibility and long-term value creation. Our vision is the creation of sustainable value – for our customers, for our company and for generations to come.

Steuler is a family-owned company by tradition. We’re proud of our values and the success of our activities. Our employees are Steuler’s most important asset, and our commitment to their well-being and personal development is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy.

We have around 2,700 employees working for us at over 25 locations around the world. Their skill, motivation and passion are crucial to our competitiveness and long-term viability, and our overall success hinges on them.

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