“We did it!”

Varian Medical Systems joined us, the Siemens-Healthineers family, just this year. We’re in the middle of post-merger integration. It has its challenges. Many of them. We’re two complex companies.

But we’re thrilled about Varian. And we’re making great progress. Including when it comes to integrating – otherwise known as harmonizing – key processes. And how exciting this work is !

We’re two great companies. However, we do things differently. Varian is at its roots American, Californian, Silicon Valley. Siemens-Healthineers is at its roots German, Bavarian, a technology company.

Congratulations, therefore, to the R&D Integration Team for successfully harmonizing the two respective processes for allocating funding on special research projects ! They worked on it for six straight weeks.

It was intense. Twenty colleagues in total. Alternating between video-calls and in-person workshops. On location at Varian in Mountain View. And on location at Siemens in Erlangen. Despite Covid !

Within the next twelve to eighteen months we’ll begin introducing some of the world’s most innovative medical technologies, serving our customers and their patients.

Learn more about R&D at Siemens-Healthineers here. And join our Discussion about this exciting integration project.