What a shame! – Act 2

The First Phone Call

Anna picks up. They do the usual smalltalk. Steven mentions Craig Smith, his boss, and Mary Miller, senior vice-president for innovation, then asks for Anna’s help.

Anna responds that she is very busy, will get to it at end of next week, and asks for background information. Steven wants to explain FastTrack to her on the phone. Anna interrupts him: “Send me the project charter.” Steven replies: “I can email the info but it is incomplete. Anna, I’m under time pressure.”

Anna tells him to send her what he has, she will read it, and then get back to him. She thought: “He needs to do his homework before he can expect me to do the work for him.”

The next morning he sends over bits and pieces of information about FastTrack. That afternoon Steven bumps into Mary Miller, who asks how things are going on FastTrack. He hints at German slowness. She offers her support if he needs it.

This interaction is clearly about background information. What are Anna’s expectations? What are Steven’s expectations?

What a shame! – Act 2