Up Over Down – Scenario 2

Up Over Down doesn’t work

But wait. A second scenario. What happens if they’re working cross-Atlantic? Joe is Joe. Anne is Anne. Both are in Houston. But, Judy is Ingrid. And Rich is Manfred. Both work in Dortmund. How does up, over and down play out?

Joe has little patience with Ingrid. Joe escalates up to Anne. Anne reaches out to Manfred.

Stop! How does Manfred react? Does he engage with Anne? Does he call in Ingrid? Does he allow Anne to speak directly with Ingrid? Would he speak directly with Joe?

What if Anne corresponds with Manfred by email, putting both Joe and Ingrid in cc:?

How will Manfred react if Anne contacts him? If the German approach to resolving such conflicts is different than the American approach, what will be the consequences in this scenario?

Up Over Down – Scenario 2