I am fired – Act 6

The Cost of Cultural Misunderstanding

Lost Opportunities
“They could have gone far higher.” Martin and Aaron could have become true strategic partners, motivating and inspiring each other, as well as the entire organization. What did the lost opportunities cost the company because they did not stay on that same wavenlength?

Aaron’s Reduced Productivity
In the remaining two years of his delegation Aaron continued to perform well. But he “always felt a bit off balance with Martin.” What was the cost of Aaron’s reduced productivity to the company?

What if Aaron …?
What if the formal performance review had been even more negative, if the miscommunication had been more significant?

Aaron could have felt unjustly treated. Combine that with other potential frustrations working as an American in Germany, and Aaron might have broken off his delegation.

What would it have cost the company if Aaron had cut short his delegation from three to one and half years?

I am fired – Act 6