I am fired – Act 5

Off Balance

For Martin it was a source of great satisfaction to have such a capable person in his team, to discuss with that person how to become even stronger. Aaron was the kind of engineer and manager every German wants to mentor, to coach, to work with.

All of these thoughts and sentiments remained hidden from Aaron, however. And his reactions hidden from Martin. Although they continued to work well together over the next two years, they were never again on the same wavelength.

Twice more they would have these formal discussions, as well as dozens and dozens of communications in which informal feedback was given and received. Aaron always felt a bit off balance with Martin.

Martin sensed it, but could not quite articulate it, much less address it. They were successful together. And that was recognized by senior management. But, they could have gone far higher.

Aaron and Martin felt a bit off balance with each other. Why did neither Martin nor Aaron address the situation? 

I am fired – Act 5