I am fired – Act 2

In Agreement: B+

From Aaron’s perspective, the year has gone quite well, surprisingly so. A few days before the feedback discussion he reflected on his performance. Aaron believes to have an accurate assessment of where he has performed well and less well. He tends to be overly self-critical.

Martin, a German, a few years older than Aaron, is also a first-rate engineer and manager. Very grateful to have Aaron in his team, Martin saw this as a unique opportunity to make difficult, but necessary, changes.

A year before they had met and set down ambitious goals. From Martin’s point of view the year has gone very well. With few exceptions, and those in less critical areas, Aaron has more than met the goals defined. Martin is looking forward to an even better second year for Aaron and the organization.

How do you think the formal feedback discussion with go: How will Martin proceed? How will Aaron react?

I am fired – Act 2