Hans in Chicago – Act 8

What the Americans did not know

When Hans and Evelyn met for lunch on Thursday, they, too, discussed their dinner Tuesday evening. Hans was clearly disappointed. He had hoped for some vigorous debate. Nancy seemed particularly disinterested and disengaged.

Like most Germans, he wanted to address topics of substance, and not waste time talking about the weather and sports. “I did my best to provoke some conversation, Evelyn, but just couldn’t get them engaged. Strange.”

Evelyn smiled and said: “Well, maybe they were reserved because you head up the organization.”

Hans: “Sure, I understand that. But what better way to get to know each other than to talk about real issues. Issues which are so important to all of us. I wanted them to see how interested and informed I am about America. I love this country. I want to know how they see things.”

Hans had hoped for some vigorous debate. He was disappointed, especially with Nancy. Does this have any influence on how Hans views his three American direct reports?

Hans in Chicago – Act 8